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E&P and Midstream Companies

Paschal Land and Energy, LLC (“PLE”), provides E&P and midstream companies with the following types of oil and gas land solutions anywhere in the United States:

  • Abstracts of Title and Runsheets
  • Ownership Determinations
  • Title Curative
  • Easement/Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Lease Acquisition
  • Mineral Acquisition
  • Due Diligence
  • Mapping/GIS
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Drafting Agreements/Contracts

PLE is unwavering in its commitment to provide services and information to its clients that meet only the highest standards of professionalism. PLE’s key to providing results superior to most other land service companies is to classify and treat its landmen and administrative personnel as employees, not independent contractors. This enables PLE to be:


PLE is able to maintain strict control of its workforce and closely monitor the progress of the work being performed. If requested by the client, PLE can utilize additional shifts for each 24-hour workday, while working six days per week. A project that might take a semi-committed contract landman three months to complete, with less than stellar results, can be completed by PLE in as little as two weeks, with textbook results.


PLE requires its employees to follow well-defined policies and procedures pertinent to the task being performed. Each project is completed with the same extraordinary level of thoroughness, every time. All work performed, including, without limitation, the methods used for assembling abstracts, the standards used for inputting data into runsheets, the checklists that are completed when examining title, the style and size of the font used when drafting an instrument for recordation, even the size and weight of the paper an instrument is printed on, has its own set of guidelines to be followed.


PLE charges fees appropriate for the type of work performed. For example, PLE bills its clients less for our land technicians than we do for our landmen. Our land techs are typically responsible for performing the more menial and mundane tasks associated with most land projects such as, without limitation, indexing and running names, downloading and saving instruments, and otherwise organizing data. Our highly competent landmen perform the work that requires more knowledge and skill such as, but not limited to, examining and interpreting title, drafting documents for recordation and/or negotiating and preparing leases.

Business Purpose

PLE’s business purpose is to provide energy-related land services in return for equitable compensation, while doing unto our clients, vendors and fellow employees–everyone we come into contact with–as we would have them do unto us. We will work diligently, as if working for God, not for men; and we will always be truthful.

Key Personnel

D. Chase Paschal
214.575.2220, Ext. 101

D. Chase Paschal—Co-President

Chase is an active member of-and Registered Professional Landman (RPL) with-the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL). As a member of the AAPL, Chase has agreed to abide by its code of ethics and standards of practice. Chase is also an active member of the Dallas Association of Petroleum Landmen (DAPL). As a member of the DAPL, Chase has agreed to be governed by the constitution and bylaws of the association, including its code of ethics. Chase and his wife, Leigh Ann, have been married since 1992. Chase and Leigh Ann have three children; Blake, Tristan and Julie Ann.

Blake Paschal
214.575.2220, Ext. 102

Blake C. Paschal—Co-President

Blake is an active member of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL). As a member of the AAPL, Blake has agreed to abide by its code of ethics and standards of practice. Blake and his wife, Abby, have been married since 2016. Blake and Abby enjoy spending time with their two dogs, Roxi and Mille.