Comprehensive Land Services

Essential to the acquisition, exploration and development of oil and gas is the practice of land work. As such, PLE performs the following types of land work for its clients upon request:

Abstracting, Runsheets and Take-Offs

PLE can provide any level of abstract service depending on your company’s needs. From cursory lease take-offs to full-title runsheets with copies of all pertinent instruments to facilitate efficient preparation of title opinions.

Division Orders

PLE can obtain division orders from those parties entitled to proceeds from the production of a recently completed well..

Due Diligence

PLE is eager to help you in the due diligence phase of the acquisition or divestment of an oil and gas property in which your company may have an interest or potential interest. PLE can assist you in gathering all of the necessary documentation so that your company is fully informed about the potential issues that may arise pre-sale or post-sale. If you have obtained an acquisition title opinion, PLE can fulfill the requirements listed by the examining attorney.

Environmental Site Assessments
PLE can assist in the performance of a Phase I environmental site assessment (“ESA”) for the purpose of determining or estimating any potential environmental liability that may be associated with a site which you or your company may be interested in acquiring or wishing to sell. PLE can assist in the review of public records, make on-site inspections and review regulatory records and prior uses of the land. We will report our findings and we can assist in subsequent phases of the ESA if there is found to be a potential environmental concern.
Lease Acquisition
PLE is able to professionally negotiate simple or complex lease terms with landowners, obtain executed leases and memorandums, obtain site (bank) drafts or orders of payment, timely record the executed documents and effectively communicate with the lessor(s) to establish a great relationship between them and your company.
Using your preferred land management and/or GIS mapping software, PLE can provide your company with valuable assistance. Whether your company needs assistance setting up its land management and/or GIS mapping software for the first time or is in need of ongoing maintenance, PLE is ready to help.
Operating Agreements
PLE can help you efficiently prepare and obtain an operating agreement for one or more of your company’s properties. We have valuable experience in the field of operating agreements and the exhibits associated with them. If your company needs to obtain an executed joint operating agreement from one or more working interest partners, please let us know—we are ready to assist.
Ownership Reports
PLE can provide basicto comprehensive ownership reports based on your requests. Whether you require a breakdown of only the mineral and/or surface ownership, or desire a complete and comprehensive report reflecting additional items such as, but not limited to, royalty ownership, unreleased expired oil and gas leases, easements, liens and encumbrances or property tax balances, PLE is available to assist you in any way.
Records Management
Whether your company is re-organizing its land and lease records or whether your company has just made a large acquisition, PLE has experience and can assist in the preparation of a complete records management system.
Regulatory Compliance
Whether your company needs to conduct research on issues related to pooling, issues regarding state or federal spacing or density rules or issues that pertain to horizontal drilling, PLE is ready to assist you so that you can make the right decisions.
Right-of-Way Acquisitions
If your company is securing rights-of-way for a pipeline or other type project, PLE would like to help make the right-of-way acquisition process as efficient as possible.
Seismic Permitting and Option Agreements
If your company is interested in obtaining the right to shoot seismic with the option to lease, PLE is able to assist you in the process of identifying and locating the affected surface and/or mineral owners; and we can negotiate and secure the necessary documents so that your company may move forward. We can also notify, negotiate and secure agreements with any companies holding oil and gas leases in the shoot area.
Surface Damage Negotiations and Settlements
PLE is able to effectively and efficiently negotiate and settle surface damage issues before or after they arise.
Title Curative
PLE has extensive experience in all aspects of title curative. Whether your title attorney specifies the need to secure a subordination agreement or release of lien, obtain an affidavit, lease amendment, ratification, stipulation of interest, locate lost heirs, perform site inspections or verify the payment of property taxes, PLE is prepared to assist in any way.

Professional Solutions To Complex Requirements*

As a complement to the wide range of land services that we offer, PLE is able to deliver its clients professional solutions to highly specialized land-related requests, including the negotiation and customization of any oil and gas agreement or document needed in order to move forward. Our highly-trained in-house landmen are capable of drafting agreements from scratch or modifying existing documents and tailoring them to meet your unique situation.

*PLE utilizes the services of highly competent attorneys who specialize in oil and gas matters in their respective state or jurisdiction as necessary to ensure that our clients are fully protected and informed. Attorney fees, if any, incurred by PLE on behalf of our clients, are passed on to our clients at cost and are never increased for any reason whatsoever.

Further Examples of Our Capabilities 

Some examples of the types of agreements and documents we are capable of negotiating, drafting or custom tailoring to our clients’ exclusive situations include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • AAPL Model Form Operating Agreements
  • Area of Mutual Interest Agreements
  • Assignments and Bills of Sale
  • Communitization Agreements
  • Easement and Right-of-Way Agreements
  • Enhanced Recovery Unitization Agreements
  • Farmout Agreements
  • Federal Exploratory Unit Agreements
  • Federal Unit Operating Agreements
  • Gas Storage Agreements
  • Letter Agreements and Letters of Intent
  • Participation Agreements
  • Pooling Agreements and Declarations and Notices of Pooled Units
  • Production Sharing Agreements
  • Special Lease Provisions
  • Surface Use Agreements


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